Things aren't going too great for former Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant. 

Ever since Dez was cut, there's been an overwhelming lack of interest outside of the Ravens. For someone who was once considered one of the best receivers in the game, it's surprising no one has shown interest in bringing him in to kickstart his revenge tour. 

Just when you thought no one believes in him anymore, Ezekiel Elliott gave him his stamp of approval and some encouragement along the way. 

​​Man, Dez has to be wishing the media handled his free agency like Zeke is. By his own calculations, he would've been employed weeks ago. 

It's easy to rain on Bryant's parade considering how things have gone for him as of late, but there's no reason to doubt him. Yes, his stats have declined and he has dealt with injuries, but don't make him out to be a player who can't possibly find a home. He still caught 119 balls for 1,634 yards and 14 touchdowns over the past two seasons.

Even if his home isn't in Baltimore, success will find him if he lands in the right situation. 

​​Zeke is right. With all the negative attention focused on Bryant, he's lined up for quite the "prove it" year.