​While ​America will not be playing in this year's World Cup, there is still plenty of excitement surrounding the event. 

Argentina, one of the frontrunners to win the title, is more than ready for the challenge.

That is the challenge of picking up Russian chicks, of course. 

​​That's right. In the manual sent out to all Argentine players, there is a full chapter dedicated to what Russian girls typically look for in men. Such advice includes "Russian girls hate boring men" and "Pay attention to their values and personality. Don’t ask stupid questions about sex."

With some stars like Lionel Messi happily married, one would assume this section is tailored to the younger players. Messi did not come out of ​international retirement to pick up Russian women, right?

For the less successful players, the chapter ends with a pick-me-up for failed attempts. "Do not worry, there are many beautiful women in Russia and not all are good for you. Be selective."

Forget the soccer, this is the real storyline for this year's World Cup.