​As we pass the midpoint of May, Dez Bryant remains unsigned.

Bryant previously received a multi-year offer from the Baltimore Ravens worth roughly $7 million a year, ​but declined the offer for what he refers to as "personal reasons" (aka the Ravens aren't and will never be in the NFC East).

Now, Bryant is breaking the golden rule of social media for athletes- engaging and arguing with fans. In response to one fan wondering if Dez regrets not taking Baltimore's offer after it seems Green Bay's also taken itself out of the running, he responded with this.


​​To be blunt, it does not appear that the media is betraying (did he mean portraying?) Dez in any way. Rather, facts are being reported, such as that ​most teams would not want the three-time Pro Bowler at any price. 

On the bright side for fans of the "X", Dez made it clear that his continued free agency is not a precursor to retirement.

But will a team sign him? His former teammate and future Monday Night Football commentator ​Jason Witten predicted he would sign with the Packers, but even Green Bay reportedly has no interest.

It has been a tough offseason for Dez. Eventually, training camp injuries or desperate teams will look to Dez to fill a void, and seeing him unemployed to start the season would be a shock to everyone. 

However, to be safe, it would be smart for Dez to put the phone down and focus on football rather than engaging with fans.