Remember when we needed sources to fuel rumors in sports? Now, we can just study the social media habits of the stars instead.

One of the biggest NBA names who's future is in question is DeMarcus Cousins. Some believe he'll end up staying in New Orleans to continue to dominate with Anthony Davis, but his recent Instagram comment shows he's putting the Pelicans in his rearview. 

If he won't be in New Orleans, where will the All-Star end up? After unfollowing the Pelicans on Instagram, Cousins proceeded to follow Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, and Julius Randle. 

​​You can pretend it's a coincidence, but there are no coincidences in the NBA. Just tactical petty moves. 

Checking a star's activity may not be a rational thing, but let's still break thing down. Cousins followed the Lakers' current starting power forward, their most talented scorer, and the superstar who's most likely to head to the bright lights of L.A. next season in Paul George. Could a reunion go down in Los Angeles?

It may be childish to unfollow your team and show you're moving on through social media instead of voicing your intentions, but the message has been pretty clear. 

Cousins still has a lot of work to do before he returns from his brutal Achilles injury, but he's already making moves to figure out where he'll be making his comeback next season.