The baseball world was by and large shocked Tuesday when the news broke the ​​Robinson Cano was being suspended 80 games for violating the MLB's banned substance policy. 

​Cano tested positive for diuretic furosemide, which is a banned substance since it's so often used as a masking agent for performance-enhancers. Cano has since denied taking any sort of performance enhancing drug, but still accepted the suspension.

Miguel Cabrera, fellow superstar and a close friend of Cano's, was outraged by the news, standing by Cano in saying there was no way he took anything to help him play better. 

Cabrera's support of Cano is admirable. But at the end of the day, Cano tested positive for a banned substance. Facts are facts. Cano is just the latest in a ​long line of surprising stars who have tested positive. If you'd like to ignore the high likelihood Cano took a known masking agent to mask drug use, though, go right ahead.

It's been a tough couple of days for Cano. On top of the suspension, he also fractured his hand a couple of days ago and will be missing extended time regardless of his infractions.

No matter how Miggy feels, this suspension will definitely be a big knock against Cano's eventual candidacy for the Hall of Fame.