​Here we are in mid-May and Dez Bryant still doesn't have a new home. 

Anyone else shocked? Yup, I sure am. 

Reports surfaced this week that the Packers are ​not expected to ink the Pro Bowl wideout, while former Cowboys tight end and new MNF personality ​Jason Witten predicted Dez ends up in Green Bay. Who do we believe?

It doesn't matter at this point, as it's all up to the front office. With that being said, the decision is easy for the Pack: they need to sign No. 88 immediately. 

​​Take a look at Green Bay's WR depth. Davante Adams is the No. 1 receiver right now and there's no denying he's a beast. Jimmy Graham is a stud tight end, but he plays in the middle, not the outside. Who's the third playmaker, a critical role in the NFL, behind them?

Randall Cobb has had a fine career, but he's not scaring defensive coordinators anymore. And don't talk to me about Geronimo Allison. 

Bryant is 29 going on 30, and yes his performance has dropped in recent years, but he can come in and be a true difference-maker for this offense. At 6-2, 220-pounds, he's still able to body defensive backs with ease in the red zone. You're telling me he can't be the perfect ​veteran to replace Jordy Nelson?

Despite not finishing with 1,000 receiving yards since 2014, he still caught 69 balls for 838 yards and six scores last season. He's got plenty left in the tank. Imagine him catching heaters ​from Rodgers. Think they'd have any trouble building chemistry? Hell no. 

Bryant could have ended up in Baltimore, ​but he passed on the opportunity to suit up for John Harbaugh and catch the pigskin from (elite) Joe Flacco. Can't blame him for that move. 

Dez wants to try and win a Super Bowl before he hangs up his cleats and won't do that with the Ravens. However, he could certainly do this with the Packers. 

What helps Green Bay here is the WR has even stated he wants to sign a one-year, prove-it deal to try and land a bigger contract. Perfect. Green Bay can literally bring him in for one season. If he balls out, reward him. If he doesn't, don't bring him back. Simple. 

He's clearly not rushing things, but with training camp arriving before we know it, Bryant will end up signing sooner than later. 

And for the Packers, it makes too much sense to bring him in. New general manager Brian Gutekunst has been busy this offseason, but he still needs to make one more move:

Bring Dez to Lambeau.