Remember when we all laughed out loud at the thought of Marcus Morris slowing down LeBron James? How young and naive we all were.

It may have only been a few days ago when the Celtics forward claimed he was the best guy to cover The King outside of Kawhi Leonard, but a lot has changed since then. Boston has a commanding 2-0 lead over James and the Cavaliers, while Morris has done nothing but prove himself during the Eastern Conference Finals. 

When he's been guarded by the self-proclaimed LeBron stopper, James has been locked down this series. 

​​That's how you back up a bold take. 

You could've guessed Morris did a good job when he started on LeBron Game 1, as the former MVP went just 5-16 with only 15 points and seven turnovers. It would've been harder to make the same assumption after Game 2 as James exploded for a 42-point triple-double, but Morris once again showed he can keep up with the generational talent. 

The veteran forward was correct about his own ability, but he wasn't right about everything. He claimed the  Raptors and Pacers did a horrible job covering James, while his teammates are showing it definitely isn't as easy as he says it is. 

​​Whether or not the other Celtics can guard LeBron James does not matter. As long as Morris continues his stellar defense on someone who's seemingly impossible to guard, Boston has a great chance of making the NBA Finals.