When you're the coach of the team that has LeBron James on it and you blow a double-digit lead to fall two games behind in the Eastern Conference Finals, the recriminations are sure to be stinky. ​The questions from the sneering media are sure to be probing. But in the wake of Cleveland's ​deflating Game 2 loss to the Celtics Tuesday night, Tyronn Lue lost control of the narrative and made himself look like a total chump.

The physical, ruthless Celtics were "gooning the game up," he insisted.

​Well, let's go to the videotape:

​​Yes, that's Earl Joseph Smith Jr., known in some circles as J.R., ​shamelessly hacking Al Horford down the back stretch of the game as Boston pulled away. The play was whistled as a flagrant foul.

Looks like some pure gooning, right? Like, the uncut raw stuff? Mark it down: Lue is a hypocrite and was absolutely grasping at straws in a sputtering attempt to acquit his team of the worst of it in the wake of their double-digit loss.

In the meantime, count Celtics tough guy Marcus Morris among those wearing the wayward accusation as a badge of honor.

​​The odds of Lue's comments doing anything but motivating the rough-and-tumble Celtics to double down are even slimmer than Cleveland's current odds in this series.

At this rate, we should expect even more irresponsible analysis from the embattled coach after his team inevitably goes down 3-0.