Is there a bigger enigma in the NBA than DeMarcus Cousins? Few big men in recent memory can match the sheer level of skill and athleticism that Boogie brings every night. At the same time, he went down with a crippling Achilles injury earlier this season only to see his Pelicans sweep the Blazers in the first round of the playoffs.

Is he still a super-max player? Does he even want to stay in New Orleans? Well, some of his recent social media activity makes these questions all the more interesting.

As Boogie's caption reads: As a kid I turned my pain into aggression... #TheResurgence #0Doubt


But not as interesting as his response to one of the comments:

​​Whoa! WHOA, wait a minute. Boogie unfollowed his own team's IG account?

​Because he's a grown-ass man??

That's a front-page headline right there-- and the last thing the Pelicans organization could possibly want to hear after a spirited run to the second round of the playoffs.

For the record, the commenter that drew this strong response rather quickly regretted ever asking in the first place:

So, is Boogie going to be a Laker? Is he going back to the freaking Kings? Is he off to a monastery to reinvent himself as a Buddhist monk?

​We can't know that for sure; the man needs to recover from a devastating injury first. But as it stands, feverish prognosticators across the basketball world have more than enough to chew on tonight.