​Dez Bryant has, shall we say, a certain reputation in the NFL. In addition to the ever-increasing penchant for dropped passes that helped precipitate his exit from Dallas, aspects of his personality have rubbed more than a few football people the wrong way over the course of his career.

​Take this story, relayed on FS1's Undisputed by former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, that tells you nearly everything you need to know about the kind of guy Dez is capable of being.

There's nothing wrong with being relentless. A gamer. A fierce competitor. But when it comes to ​​one's own teammates, you've got to pick your spots. And in this case, Ryan -- whom we can choose or choose not to believe; he's not infallible -- is more than convinced that Bryant derailed this young defensive back's career before it really had a chance to start thanks to his overly rough, assertive play in training camp (of all places).

All told, Ryan is taking the blame here for placing this unnamed cornerback in that position in the first place. But the story doesn't exactly sound out of character for Dez.

Don't think prospective teams taking a look at him in free agency won't be taking note of Ryan's anecdote.