With the Mariners star second baseman Robinson Cano facing an 80-game suspension for a banned substance, Seattle is naturally left scrambling.

It's actually impossible to replace an eight-time All-Star in the heart of your lineup, but replacing him in the field is no walk in the park, either. Luckily, this team has another versatile star who can fill in serviceably.

 The Mariners are considering moving Dee Gordon back to his natural position of second base to replace Cano, and the player sounds amenable to the switch.

​​Filling in for a possible PED-user with a former PED userFunny how the world works. 

Seattle has loved how Gordon has transitioned to a center fielder, and would prefer to keep his speed in the outfield. But it's all about getting the best players available in the lineup. Putting the former second baseman back where he once belonged would help the Mariners move forward without suffering defensively at second.

It may not be how he imagined getting his old position back, but it's time for the next man up.