When you're facing a starting pitcher as nasty as Gerrit Cole and an opposing offense as fearsome as that of the Houston Astros, you need to give your best operators as many chances at the plate as possible. And with that in mind, the Los Angeles Angels are opting for a move they haven't pulled before-- hitting superstar Mike Trout in the leadoff spot, with rookie phenom Shohie Ohtani right behind him in the two-hole.

​​Trout typically hits second for the Halos, and has rarely appeared at the top of the order outside of two go-rounds last fall. Ohtani has found himself moving around Mike Scioscia's lineup card, originally starting the season at the bottom.

Don't get too used to this look in the long term, however. Scioscia said that tonight's change was spurred by Zach Cozart getting the night off. 

Go ahead and read as far into this as you want, though. It's just that fun.