As the Cowboys look to rebuild their roster, defensive end David Irving is in the process of rebuilding his family.

On that front, Irving received good news Tuesday when the Collin County ​court granted him full custody of his 5-year-old daughter Zoe.

The court order comes after a long and ugly legal battle with Irving's ex-girlfriend Angela Sanchez. Zoe had been living with Sanchez, but a series of incidents regarding Sanchez and Irving led to the court's decision.

Earlier in April, reports indicated Sanchez had tried to call police to get them to invade Irving's home. After the police declined, Sanchez then accused Irving of sexual assault and hacked into his Facebook account to make those claims. ​Sanchez later redacted her statements.

Irving and his legal team are fearful of photos possessed by Sanchez that could be used as ​evidence of sexual assault. However, Irving's team is confident that the bruises in said photos come from Sanchez's MMA training and not any instance of sexual assault.​​

While Irving has been granted custody of Zoe, it still appears that this legal battle is far from over. In a recent radio interview, Angela Sanchez admitted that she is still seeking revenge against Irving.

Hopefully for the Cowboys' defender, all of this can blow over with Irving walking away rightfully innocent and he can raise his daughter peacefully.