​What's with professional athletes in Atlanta unfollowing their team on social media? 

While ​Julio Jones acting strange on Twitter draws a larger crowd, Dennis Schroder's recent activity on Instagram is raising eyebrows for sure. It's no longer a secret that the talented point guard and the Hawks don't get along, yet this latest act might be the final straw.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Schroder unfollowed the Atlanta Hawks on Instagram and also deleted every post related to his current team. 

If this doesn't scream out TRADE ME, then what exactly will? 

Considering Schroder's current issues away from the hardwood, moving on from the flashy floor general wouldn't be looked down upon. After all, the former first-round selection and management will meet in the offseason to discuss his future in Atlanta. 

​​With a rebuild clearly in the works for the Hawks, cutting ties with Schroder and bringing in youth that actually wants to play for the team should be the organization's main focus.