Cubs Twitter is at it again. 

Whoever runs the team's Twitter account is known for being pretty vocal on the media outlet. We've seen the Cubs account get into a ​back and forth with the Brewers' account, and we've even seen them ​troll their own star.

This might be the best series of tweets yet, though. Let's set the scene-- to begin, one keyboard commando decided to bag on Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. for no immediately apparent reason:

Yes, the tweet turned out to be a total disaster. Edwards did surrender three earned runs in relief today against the White Sox, but he's generally been hot and the Cubbies ended up getting the win.

Boom. Mr. Coondog8442, you are hereby OWNED:

Owned so hard, in fact, that simply deleting the wayward tweet wasn't enough.

​Dude deleted his entire account.

Check and mate!

They called out this Cubs troll harder than one could expect a professional account to do so. That is simply amazing.

I guess Cubs Twitter just got sick of this guy and sic'd the dogs on him. And let me tell you, other Cubs fans were on the side of their team in a BIG way.


Further still:

Honestly, after this, it's pretty fair to think the mastermind behind this digital roast deserves a raise. Realistically, they probably won't get one. But they deserve a ton of credit for such an exquisite troll-beating.