This is taking the phrase "chopper in the infield" way too literally. During Friday night's Big Ten tournament between Wisconsin and Minnesota, the two teams were delayed for quite a bit when the skies opened up and the rain poured on Goodman Diamond field. Have no fear. Those in charge of the tourney decided that the best way to get the girls back on the diamond ASAP was to bring in an expert drying crew. We just didn't expect that officials would have to call in a helicopter to get it done.

Well, that's certainly new.

The pilot is Eric Peterson, who lives in Baraboo, Wisconsin. He was right next door to answer the call and serve as more than just a giant ceiling fan. 

His flight pattern was pretty efficient also, as we have a sped up version of his efforts down below.

The athletes were able to take the field and finish what they started with Wisconsin taking advantage of that advanced ground-crew work, capping off a 6-0 victory. 

Pilot Peterson was certainly the MVP of that night, and we have to wonder if the MLB will be asking for his resume for its games after this job well done.