​Kobe Bryant continues to have success even two years after retiring from basketball.

In March, Bryant's film​ "Dear Basketball" won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The film  won another award on Tuesday night, winning a Sports Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Post-Produced Graphic Design.

The film is only five minutes long and Bryant narrates a poem he wrote for The Players Tribune from when he announced his retirement in 2015 over animations. 

"Dear Basketball" was also nominated for the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Editing, but lost to two CBS productions. 

This film has won Bryant more awards than Kobe won ​Most Valuable Player awards on the court, begging to question if Bryant is a better filmmaker than basketball player?

​The answer to that is probably no, as he has won five NBA titles. But we are excited to see if the Laker legend puts out more films in the future. 

It would certainly fit in with the Mamba Mentality.