Dwight Howard's career hasn't gone as planned if you look at his level of production in the past five years. 

There's no doubt that the amount of criticism Howard has gotten because of his decline since Orlando is warranted and well-deserved. This season with the Charlotte Hornets is the first time since the 2013-2014 season we have seen Howard active on the court and looking like he actually wants to play.

Despite not being known as the best teammate or even slacking while on the court, Howard had some ironic comments about Russell Westbrook on ESPN's "Get Up."

While participating in a conversation about the Thunder, Howard said that Westbrook should have sacrificed more. 

Howard should be the last player in the NBA to try to critique anyone in the NBA about being selfish. This is the same guy who hasn't been able to play alongside Kobe Bryant, James Harden, and even Paul Millsap, and has had tension with his past coaches.

Thinking before you speak is very important, and you would think Howard knows this better than anyone, but I guess he still has some things to work on.