Overtime. Game 6. A trip to Round 2 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs on the line. And Agent Zero had his chance to propel the Washington Wizards past LeBron James and the Cavs.

Long story short, Gilbert Arenas bricked his opportunity. Cleveland's Damon Jones -- yes, Damon Freaking Jones -- went on to knock down the winner and hand the Cavs the series.​

​​But that's not the whole story. Not at all-- LeBron trolled Arenas hard as he stepped up to the line, and totally prophesied everything that was about to happen.

​Naturally, Agent Zero didn't believe it.

Seriously, Damon Jones?

​Yeah. Exactly.

​That's just how it is when you doubt LeBron. Honestly, Arenas should have known better.

At least he has a good attitude about the whole thing now. But it must have taken at least an entire decade to get over.