​Odell Beckham Jr. had his 2017 season cut short after fracturing his ankle in Week 5. However, he has shown no ill effects this offseason when reporting to New York Giants minicamp.

He solidified that on social media this week.

Beckham posted a workout video of himself on his Instagram account. No, it's not new for a big-time athlete to post workout clips, but this one is different. How so? The wide receiver looks like he put on significant muscle this offseason while rehabbing his ankle.

Take a look for yourself.

​​Yes, Beckham looks jacked.

After seeing​ OBJ pull an SUV, you'd expect some muscle gains. We now have the visual proof of it.

Giants fans can't help but feel excited heading into the 2018 season, where Beckham is looking to have a big year and earn a huge new contract.