​Upon further review, the call on the court has been.. overturned?

LeBron James has had to climb mountain, after mountain, after mountain, throughout his NBA career and has continued his ascent throughout these NBA playoffs.

First, it was that he couldn't shoot. Then, he became the 'King without a Ring.' After that the narrative turned to, well, he's not clutch.

But today, we can now officially put that to rest as well. James is just about as clutch as they come.

He's defying all odds. He's conquering all challenges. There's seemingly only one thing left for the King to overcome.

He's still chasing the ghost.

As far as many people are now concerned, if you're talking about the best players of all-time, no matter which order you have them in, ​number one and number two are Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

What James has been able to accomplish, and is still achieving well into his 15th season in the league is astonishing.

There will never be another.