It's been just over a week, and it seems like people are starting to come to terms with the Browns' decision to select Baker Mayfield first overall.

Despite his gaudy college stats, many feel like the Browns made a questionable decision by picking the undersized hothead with the top spot in the draft. We won't know until we're a few years down the road whether or not this was the right choice, but we do know Cleveland is taking an interesting route with the beginning of his career.

Jackson naming Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback before the draft and now keeping that same stance without question shows that the Browns may not think Mayfield is the NFL-ready QB we all thought he was. 

​​Has Taylor even gotten a chance to prove to Cleveland that he's worth all of this confidence? 

The real problem here is the assumption that rookie quarterbacks are always NFL ready. We're used to seeing teams throw their first-year signal callers to the sharks right away as they rush to have the future face of the franchise get to work immediately. However, seeing Cleveland put this much faith in the man who got benched for Nathan Peterman last season is just odd. 

While it is unlikely, there's a chance that benching Mayfield could result in this relationship starting off on the wrong foot. 

​​One of Mayfield's greatest qualities is his drive. Benching a player who strives to be the best will either add to the chip that's already on his shoulder or will give him an unnecessary obstacle to climb over. 

It's easy to blindly assume the Browns are making a mistake, but they're giving us every reason to confirm our predictions.