​​A week after the vote went through to rename Yawkey Way, the street that runs in front of Fenway Park that was named after former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey, the signs are finally being taken down for good. 

"Jersey St" signs now stand in their place, with Yawkey's checkered past now officially gone from street view. 

This will be the first time since 1977 that the street does not bear Yawkey's name.

The street was renamed due to the racist nature of Yawkey and his Red Sox at the time, as Boston was the last team in the league to integrate. The team's racist path has continued to follow it ​in recent years, so completely ditching the street name was necessary to show that the Red Sox do not accept such intolerance. 

While the street name is gone, there are still some people in a charity named after Yawkey hoping that he can still be honored with signs around the stadium with a plaque of some sort.

 Sorry, Tom Yawkey may have been a pivotal part of the Red Sox for a long time, but there's just no room for people like him anymore.