The ​MLS is growing immensely and the fanbases are some of the craziest in the world. Last week, Guadalajara defeated Toronto FC in a highly intense game. ​After the match, Fox Sports Mexico journalist, Maria Fernanda Mora, was doing her job reporting the madness outside. Throughout the interview, a fan took it WAY too far.

Mora was seen with a group of ecstatic Guadalajara fans jumping around behind her. During the video, you can see Mora's facial expression of discomfort. At the end, she turned around and attacked a fan with her microphone.

On Monday she took to Twitter to address the situation.

Mora states that she was touched inappropriately multiple times by the fan behind her and after the third time, she decided to react. 

Mora also states that "women are not going to go away and are not going to shut up" and doesn't regret defending herself at all. This ​ongoing epidemic of sexual assault needs to be stopped and Mora hopes to be an idol to women who are silent.

This is no way to act, and her reaction was definitely appropriate.