NFL teams are usually preparing for rookie minicamps and signing undrafted free agents at this point, but for the Washington Redskins, they have a whole other bag of issues to attend to right now.

The recent New York Times article recapping testimony from the team's cheerleaders that they were asked to walk around topless during a calendar photo shoot while being used unwillingly as sex objects for all-male sponsors casts a seriously dark shadow for this franchise.

It's going to take much more than an official statement from the team to help us make sense of this all, but we are starting to see the level of damage control the organization is doing in the wake of this mess.

Reportedly, the team just removed a "who's hotter" feature from its official website.

Why this was even a feature to begin with is extremely puzzling considering grading women head-to-head in this manner is not only controversial but also harmful.

It's also certainly surprising for a storied franchise that has existed since 1932 to have approved a hyperlink like that on its official site that is supposed to be presentable for all ages and fans.

There is still plenty of more investigating to go regarding this case, but obviously, it's not looking good at all for the Redskins organization at this point.