The Washington Redskins organization has finally released a response regarding The New York Times scathing article on their team cheerleaders about sexual misconduct that took place in 2013.

For those that missed the story, a testimony included the women being asked to walk around topless during a calendar photo shoot in Costa Rica and, in addition to that offense, having to unwillingly escort an all-male contingent of sponsors throughout the trip.

The report had social media exploding as the franchise digested the report and now has released an official response.

The investigation is continuing to unfold, but the team is in a bit of damage-control mode for what are, of course, very serious allegations. 

Despite the fact the Redskins are claiming to have received conflicting testimonies from past and present cheerleaders thus far, there could be a good chance the NFL steps in to provide a much more thorough examination.

Either way, this is an awful look for Washington.