​It actually makes a whole lot of sense. 

Leading up to the draft, Browns GM John Dorsey decided he wasn't going to tell anyone what his plan was before using the first selection on Baker Mayfield. When it came to ​Hue Jackson, that made it seem like he was a lame duck coach, but the fact that ​Dorsey wouldn't tell ownership pointed to a deeper story. 

Dorsey revealed the real reason for all the cloak and dagger today, and we really can't disagree with it.

Dorsey was on Good Morning Football this on Wednesday, and revealed that he didn't tell anyone he was going to pick Mayfield because he felt it might color their opinions about the pick. For example, Jackson might've been more willing to praise Mayfield had he known that was who Dorsey was leaning towards in an effort to protect his job. 

​​This certainly makes a lot of sense, as people in Cleveland are desperate for answers, which might've made them more willing to support whatever plan Dorsey thought was best. The most effective way to get feedback in his eyes was simply to pretend like he didn't have a plan.

Looks like the Browns front office is already turning it around in terms of philosophy. Now we'll have to see if the picks pan out.