​We may have ourselves a rivalry brewing between the Clevleland Indians and the Houston Astros.

Claims were made on Twitter that various Astros pitchers were doctoring baseballs in order to increase spin rate. One person replied with chewing gum being the likely culprit.

Indians pitcher Trevor ​​Bauer then decided he had to speak his mind.

​​Bauer coming off the top rope with this one. However, the pitcher had to realize that someone from the Astros side would come and enter the fray. That person was starting pitcher Lance McCullers Jr.

​​Bauer replies to McCullers nearly 10 minutes later, and also blamed the MLB for what he thinks is going on.

​​While the fight is between Bauer and McCullers, it remains to be seen if the debate will spread across the league, just like when Astros were outspoken in regards to ​"juiced baseballs." It's a tricky situation, which is something that the league will have to address at some point.

However, this makes the Indians-Astros series later this month that much more exciting, especially with both Bauer and McCullers taking the mound.