​One of the prettiest pitches to see is a really good, hard sinker. Not only is it nice to watch, but it's usually untouchable. Pitchers with effective sinkers are generally ​dominant as they can use it as a strikeout pitch or to induce a ground ball double play. Now, it's Brandon Morrow's turn to receive some love for his sinker.

Morrow was once a feared starting pitcher with the Blue Jays who would consistently hit 100mph on the gun, but has since found his way working out of the bullpen.

As many baseball fans know, teams love stocking their bullpens with flamethrowers, and the Cubs have a good one in Morrow.

He's done a great job since transitioning to a relief role - especially a season ago when he was with the Dodgers. In 43.2 innings pitched, he threw to a 2.06 ERA.

Now in the Windy City, he has yet to allow a run in 10 innings.

With a sinker like that, he may just be headed down the same path he was on while with LA in 2017.