ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 26:  The 2018 NFL Draft logo is seen on a video board during the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium on April 26, 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

7 Biggest Red Flag Picks From the NFL Draft

Every draft pick has its pros and cons, but only some merit the term "red flag." For those special players with behavior problems, excess hype and intrigue, teams are forced to gamble on their positives and look past the negatives. For some, the NFL stage is big enough to make changes in their lifestyle and playing style while others burn out. 

These are the seven biggest red flag players in the 2018 NFL Draft.

7. Arden Key

Of course the glaring thing about Arden Key is his attitude off the field. Not only did he show up to the 2017 season completely out of shape (40 pounds larger), but he has a reported history with drug use, which may explain his "leave of absence" last spring. Additionally, Key's history of injuries should be alarming for the Raiders.

6. Antonio Callaway

Where do I begin with Callaway? I don't care so much about his history with marijuana use, but more so the fact that he allows it to get so much in the way of his work. More than smoking weed, I'm worried for the Browns that they overlooked his stolen credit card scandal or sexual assault allegations. Although he's a talented WR, his history of all sorts of misdemeanors and behavioral problems are alarming.

5. Josh Allen

Besides the history of racist tweets which could easily cause problems in the locker room, Josh Allen is both untested on the big stages and not actually that good of a football player. Despite his cannon arm, he's not very accurate and hardly has a strong football IQ. Those things are going to be crucial in the NFL. With some good coaching maybe he can turn his act and performance around, but he's covered in red flags as he joins the Bills.

4. Marcus Davenport

A bit of a man of mystery, Davenport is more based on intrigue than anything. Although he put up great numbers at UTSA, it was also at UTSA. It can be said without a doubt that he has not faced any elite competition during his time in college, but will that matter? Probably. The man who got a Shakespeare quote tattooed on himself is certainly interesting, but that doesn't always translate to getting it done on the field. Davenport was a huge gamble by the Saints.

3. Darius Leonard

With a little bit of a disappointing performance at the combine, Leonard may be just another FCS bust. The conference does not have really any good offenses, making it a hunting ground for players like Leonard to prey on quarterbacks. That will not be the case in the NFL with incredible O-Lines and even better QBs. Leonard is also a bit small for a defensive lineman at 234 pounds. Leonard gained 50 pounds in school and may have a hard time adding more muscle weight to hedge his bets.

2. Azeem Victor

I'm not surprised that Azeem Victor was picked late in the draft -- the sixth round to be precise, by the Raiders. At one point, Victor's draft stock was sky high. After his broken arm led to a lackluster season, followed by a DUI, it's not looking so good. Victor has clearly lost the X-factor that made him great and has become just another player who fell off following a bad injury. His recent DUI could be the start of more problems.

1. Baker Mayfield

A bit precarious for a first overall draft pick if you ask me. The Heisman winner, while being the best talent in the draft, is also one of the most controversial. His character flaws such as his arrogance and perceived inability to control his emotions could lead to some trouble in paradise with fans, the league, the organization. You name it. Baker could prove us all wrong and become a hard-working, dedicated player, or he could be the next Johnny Manziel. Only time will tell.