​The Titans offensive line showed up in a big way to the ​Predators' Game 2 against the Winnipeg Jets. 

The O-Line showed up alongside quarterback ​Marcus Mariota to cheer on their fellow Tennessee athletes. They helped them out by chugging a few beers and taking their shirts off, which was entertaining to say the least:


​​Bonus points for a drinking a beer with a GIANT CATFISH. I know that is sort of the Predators' thing but still. 

I would love to party with the Titans offensive line.

For reference, the men front and center are Taylor Lewan (Catfish chugger and shotgunner extraordinaire) and Quinton Spain (the shirtless one). They make up part of an offensive line who are, evidently, some of the best partiers in the league. 

Your move Gronk.