The Seahawks made an interesting move on Saturday, selecting Texas punter Michael Dickson with the 149th overall pick. 

The biggest news was they moved up in the draft to get that punter. 

Needless to say, it caught some people around the league off guard, especially the Denver Broncos, who got a free pick for nothing. 

​​I don't really understand what the Seahawks are doing here. It's common knowledge that you never actually move up to draft a kicker or punter. But it's not like he was the last pick of the draft. The Seahawks took him in the fifth round. 

But it's not over there. Not only did they draft a punter in the fifth round, but they TRADED UP to get him. 

Of course, they weren't the only ones to pick a punter. The Packers selected JK Scott from Alabama, which got a nice reaction from teams around the league as well. 

So I don't blame the Denver execs for having a little laugh about this because it makes absolutely no sense at all.