​During ​the NFL Draft, teams concentrated on making the best selection to make their rosters that much better. However, the rivalries do not take a break during draft day.

After the Green Bay Packers selected Alabama punter JK Scott in the fifth round on Saturday, the Detroit Lions could not contain themselves. The Lions' official Twitter account sent out a message, tagging the Packers, straight up trolling them. 

Even the Chicago Bears' official Twitter account wanted to let their voice be heard, but in the form of a single emoji.

​​Come on guys, punters are people too.

With the Lions finishing ahead of the Packers this past season, Detroit is feeling very confident in perhaps doing the same thing in 2018. In order for the Lions to do that, they will have to force Green Bay to punt the ball, often.

The Lions-Packers rivalry is already kicking off, and it isn't even September yet.