The final rounds of the NFL Draft are here!

Rounds 4-7 are where teams truly find their top talent players. Sure, the first, second, and third rounds feature the big names; but teams that are able to find diamonds in the rough in the later rounds are the teams that know how to win.

The Seahawks have had a wild draft already, and just made it all the more crazy with this move. The team traded up to pick No. 149 with the Broncos. 

With that pick, the team went as bold as ever. 

The Seahawks selected Texas punter Michael Dickson with the 149th overall selection in the draft. 

To be fair, Dickson is a unanimous All-American, so he is the best of the best. Hey, it's the fifth round, anything can happen. 

The late round picks may not be the biggest names, but that's where the most important players are found that make teams special. Let's wait and see what other tricks they have up their sleeve going forward