Retired kicker David Akers held absolutely NOTHING back when he got his moment in the spotlight for the Eagles 49th pick and first of the 2018 draft.

Good luck getting out of Dallas alive after this tirade, buddy.

If you're an Eagles fan, shades of Jason Kelce in a genie suit at the Super Bowl victory parade just crossed your mind, and a tear of joy just rolled down your cheek.

If you're a fan of any other team at all -- especially the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins -- this is exactly the obnoxiousness you feared once Philly grabbed its first Super Bowl title.

But honestly, give credit to Akers, a guy who played for the Eagles for 12 long years. He deserves this moment, and there is no doubt this was a rousing, memorable speech. 

​And the fact that the Eagles then proceeded to block the Cowboys from getting their future tight end by selecting top prospect Dallas Goedert just added more salt to the wound. Seriously, that has GOT to hurt.