​This is great news for the MLB, and even better news for the Red Sox, as both look to stray away from the team's checkered past. 

Boston's Public Improvement Commission unanimously voted to change the name of Yawkey Way, a two-block street that runs alongside Fenway Park, to "Jersey Street."

​​While you may think the team would be upset that the street named after former BoSox owner Tom Yawkey is being renamed, they are anything but. Yawkey's Red Sox were notoriously racist — they were the last team in the league to integrate. 

After Orioles center fielder ​Adam Jones said last season that a Red Sox fan called him the n-word while throwing peanuts at him, Boston brass quickly tried to separate themselves from their dark past.

After banning the fan for life, they quickly began a campaign to rename Yawkey Way to show that the Red Sox have no tolerance for racism.

The renaming is just one of several ways that MLB teams are trying to separate themselves from past racism. The Cleveland Indians, who are perhaps the biggest offenders with their use of Chief Wahoo as their logo, have vowed to stop using the Native American character at the end of the season.

Yawkey Way will now be known as Jersey Street, and it'll hopefully lead other teams to become more socially conscious moving forward.