​This is a bold and risky move by Dez. 

As you most likely know by now, the Dallas Cowboys have ​chosen to part ways with Dez Bryant. At the time, it seemed like a ​big market would open up for Bryant, but things have been slow in the early going. 

Part of the reason for that might be the multi-year deal Dez turned down from the Baltimore Ravens.

Apparently, the Ravens came at Dez with a substantial offer over multiple seasons. Bryant reportedly turned them down, as that wasn't what he was looking for. 

Baltimore has since signed Willie Snead. 

Dez apparently wants a one-year deal that pays big money right now. The plan is to play his butt off this year, and then secure a massive deal in free agency next year when he'll be 30 years old. Not a bad plan all at all. 

This is risky, but we have no idea how much money Baltimore offered Dez. Sure, it could've been a three-year or four-year deal, but if it only paid $8 million a year or something like that, he might be wise to have turned it down. 

Only time will tell how this will all work out for Dez.