The landscape of the NFL Draft lays in the hands of the Cleveland Browns, who hold two top-five draft picks in the first round.

A report on Monday indicated Browns general manager John Dorsey is ​not telling head coach Hue Jackson who he will select with the No. 1 pick until Wednesday night. 

We now have the reason why.

Apparently, Jackson being left out of the loop is due to his connection with the media and the high likelihood of their No. 1 pick being leaked.


Dorsey knows the importance of this NFL Draft, as the Browns are 1-31 in the past two seasons under Jackson. The quarterback position has always been a question mark over the years for Cleveland, but they know have the chance to draft a franchise signal caller. Not only that, but the draft is a strategic competition, and keeping other teams in the dark will help the Browns. 

Think about it. Why would you have your No. 1 pick revealed prior to draft night, giving the other 31 teams ample time to prepare?

Regardless, Dorsey will tell Jackson who he will select on Wednesday night, but best be sure there will be no leaks as long as the new general manager has anything to say about it.