This is absolutely disgusting. 

Earlier today the Cowboys got some seriously disturbing news, as defender David Irving's Twitter was seemingly hacked by his girlfriend. From there, she became sending ​accusations that Irving assaulted her and that he had failed drug tests over the past year. ​

​​Needless to say there was genuine concern revolving around this situation, especially when reports surfaced that the ​Frisco Police Department was investigating Irving for these allegations. 

Now, the truth has surfaced. Irving's girlfriend issued the below statement, retracting all allegations and admitting to lying to police about the situation. 

​​"I would urge the media to please refrain from spreading this false story," she says after HACKING INTO HIS TWITTER TO DO THAT EXACT THING. 

This is the world that some of these athletes live in, which is difficult because these types of issues are taken very seriously in today's discourse.

Hopefully we don't see anything like this perpetuate.