Wherever David Irving goes, trouble seems to follow him.

After signing a second-round tender, this was expected to be a prove-it year for the defensive lineman. He didn't have to prove he has what it takes to be successful on the field as he's already proven that; he had to show that he can stay out of the spotlight unless it's for the right reasons.

Thanks to the spectacle that went down on his Twitter account today, you can safely assume he's shown he definitely can't avoid trouble. The Cowboys defensive tackle apparently had his accounts hijacked by his now-ex-girlfriend, Angela Sanchez, who rattled off a number of tweets about him committing domestic violence.

​​We've seen some high-profile social media accounts co-opted a number of times over the years, but when domestic violence is involved, things become much more serious.

The tweets, which have since been deleted once Irving finally figured out how to change his passwords, seemed to air out all his dirty laundry. The ex in question appears to accuse Irving of being a violent abuser, saying he cut her hair and threw her out in the streets.

Irving, of course, claims that he recently broke up with his girlfriend and that she was taking it out on him.

And we probably shouldn't put it past Ms. Sanchez to get involved in some devious digital behavior, especially if she's got a serious ax to grind.

These tweets are already extremely concerning, but are even worse when you consider the lineman's history. He was kicked off the football team at Iowa State, and has been accused of domestic violence in the past. He was also suspended for the first four games of the 2017 season for failing a drug test. You'd like to be able to take him at his word, but his past doesn't exactly inspire confidence. 

Unfortunately, things only got worse later in the day. 

Whether there's truth to the source of these tweets or not, it's a horrible look for a player who already has a short leash.