After getting roughed up on the mound Friday, results were the last thing the White Sox were thinking of when reliever ​Danny Farquhar fell into serious danger after walking off the bump.

Farquhar passed out inside ​Chicago's dugout out after completing the top of the sixth inning during the Sox's 10-0 loss to the Astros. 

He lost consciousness for then-unknown reasons, but fortunately regained it once the on-site EMTs arrived on the scene began attending him. He was taken to Rush University Center where he underwent several tests to attempt to uncover any potential injuries. 

It was revealed on Saturday that Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage stemming from a ruptured aneurysm that caused his brain to bleed. He is currently in stable, yet unfortunately critical, condition and will continue to be monitored closely.

Our thoughts go out to Danny and his family, and we're hoping for him to make a quick and speedy recovery from this devastating incident.