Will Muschamp does more talking than winning, and this time, he went after the wrong person. The South Carolina boss decided to take an unnecessary swipe at the in-state rival Clemson Tigers. In doing so, he caught the ire of head coach Dabo Swinney.

The Gamecocks coach took exception with Clemson calling their own stadium "Death Valley." As most of us are aware, that is also the term associated with LSU's stadium in Baton Rouge. 

“We were at the real Death Valley, not the one somewhere else," Muschamp said of his time as an assistant under Nick Saban at LSU.

Once word got back to Clemson coach Swinney, he responded like a true champion does.

By brushing it off like it's absolutely nothing.

“We’ve lost maybe two games in about five years (at Memorial Stadium), so we’ll pick it up,” he joked. “But I like the Death Valley that I am. It’s a great place.”

Winning is and will always be the trump card. "Coach Boom" should remove his foot from his mouth and issue an apology to the best coach in the Palmetto State.

Clemson has owned this inter-state rivalry winning the past four seasons, sporting a combined score of 162-66. Where is that defense at, Muschamp? Maybe you should spend more time devising a defensive scheme that can slow do the Tigers' offense before calling them out.