​Heading into the 2018 NFL Draft, all the buzz is surrounding the quarterbacks, even if they're...not that good. With so many up there, there is a serious possibility of six QBs going in the first round.

Though, once again, they might all be bad. This sport, man.

Wyoming's darling Josh Allen has heard his name get tossed around many times. Some people think he's worth a No. 1 overall pick while others believe he will be an ​absolute bust. It's possible neither will be true! But something tells us his bust potential outweighs his Carson Wentz possibilities...

When he had the opportunity to showcase his skills, he ​didn't pull through the way he would have liked. And by "opportunity," we mean basically every year of his football life.

More stats have just come out to deplete his stock as being a top quarterback in the draft...and they date all the way back to his high school days.

Yeah, most of them are pretty bad. But just pause and look at the completion percentage rate he had in 2014. 49.0 percent! Is that even possible?! I guess it is with Allen.

2016 was another down year when it comes to completion rate and with the talent he had surrounding him, he should have done much, much more.

So it seems like many people are digging to find ways to destroy Allen's draft stock. This might be the best for teams, as the Browns have flirted with taking him number one overall. If they do, it'll mean they haven't seen these numbers.

Or they have. God only knows with that clown show.