Unfortunately, though they've tried, the Cincinnati Reds are not good. 

They have played 18 games and won three. 

And with the rising of the sun in Ohio comes the news that manager Bryan Price has gotten the sack, either right on schedule or a year too late.

The team also confirmed that pitching coach Mack Jenkins is out.

Price first took the reins in Cincy before the 2014 season, replacing Dusty Baker. All told, he compiled a dismal 278-382 record. He'll be replaced by bench coach Jim Riggleman on an interim basis.

​All told, however, the quick hook the Reds gave price only proves that he should have been ousted before the season even started. As bad as Price looks here -- and he sure does look rough -- the Cincinnati organization surely looks even worse for mismanaging the heck out of their season right out of the gates.


Of course, the team had to at least make it look like they were taking charge of the situation.

​​"Attention, everyone: there is important work that we needed to do starting in October. And we are here to confirm that we will maybe probably do it later possibly."

And all this after an offseason during which John Farrell was forced to deflect endless rumors that he was joining the Cincinnati organization in an effort to swipe Price's job. No, no, he'd never do that. He'd just position himself perfectly in case the incapable manager continued to impl

The NL Central is no joke, but the Reds definitely are until further notice.