The NFL world was sent into a frenzy when rumors started swirling that New England Patriots quarterback ​Tom Brady had yet to commit playing in 2018. That sounded a bit bizarre considering the man has reiterated he wants to play well into his 40s.

While some don't view this as a big deal, others are concerned.

And now there now seems to be clarification about Brady's decision not to commit just yet. According to reports, the star QB wants a new/revised contract from the Patriots before the 2018 season kicks off.

Calm down Patriots fans, it seems as though No. 12 will be back under center because we know Robert Kraft will bend over backwards for this man. Perhaps this explains all of the high-profile free-agent departures the Pats experienced this offseason.

The Patriots will probably look to get this done soon so they can get Brady and the rest of the team focused for the upcoming season. There have been enough distractions already, the last thing they need is a paramount one focusing on the face of the franchise.