​Ahh, the NBA playoffs. This is were rivalries are born.

Chants of "We the North" rang out through Toronto after the Raptors took a 2-0 series lead over Washington Tuesday night in the Air Canada Center.

Admist the Raptors double-digit victory over the Wiz, hecklers throughout the arena didn't hold back in giving the Washington players an ear full.

Of those hecklers, Drake was probably one of the most fierce, as he made his presence felt all night long. And that presence includes shouting, "Bum!" in the direction of ​Kelly Oubre Jr., a sixth man who's become widely detested across the NBA in his early years.

​​Oubre looked unfazed (he could have very well not heard the remark), but after the game, social media was quick to alert him that it happened.

It seems as though as soon as Oubre hit the locker room, he deleted a Tweet from seven years ago referencing Drake and his lack of 'swaaaaag.'

Certainly, the 'Wave Papi' would stand to know a thing or two about swag, so if that was the verdict seven years ago, deleted tweet or not, Drake has no swag.

Wave Papi has spoken.