Tristan Thompson's name has been floating around not only the NBA world but throughout the entertainment industry for his infidelity to his partner Khloe Kardashian.

After being exposed by his alleged mistress on Instagram, Thompson quickly became a front-page topic even getting booed from fans at a home game. 

​It was reported that Khloe Kardashian decided to take Tristan back, but that wouldn't last for very long. 

Days after of a video revealing Tristan Thompson receiving affection from women that looked nothing like Khloe, a list of over 20 Instagram model names were revealed and are allegedly Thompson's mistresses. 

News traveled to Khloe which resulted in an emotional breakdown for her. 

Per TMZ: "Kris has been by Khloe’s side since the birth, and Kim, Kourtney and Kendall flew to Cleveland on Monday to support their sister after she had an emotional breakdown. But things will soon change. We’re told once Khloe’s medically cleared to fly, she’s getting the hell outta Dodge and bringing True back with her to L.A.”

Thompson was far from having a great season and it continues to go downhill for him. 

Thompson played only two minutes in Game 1 for the Cavaliers and only recorded one rebound. His production has been a disappointment the entire season and doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.