​​Ryan Zimmerman has yet to find success this season and has hit just .122/.204/.224 over his first 16 games.

Much of Zimmerman's struggles appear to be the result of unfortunate bad luck, as he currently owns a BABIP of .143, despite a batted ball profile that suggests a BABIP closer to .350.

​​Last season, Zimmerman slashed .303/.358/.573 with a BABIP of .335, a line drive percentage of 26 percent, and an in-play percentage of 64 percent. This year, Zimmerman is putting more balls in play, hitting more line drives, and hitting the ball harder, but his BABIP is absurdly low.

While ​Zimmerman was expected to regress in 2018, his peripherals from early on in 2018 suggest that this season should be even better than last year.

Even though much of the blame for Zimmerman's slow start can be placed on bad luck, he may not rebound immediately. Manny Machado faced a similar issue for most of last season, and his luck didn't really turn around until the second half of the season.

​​A return to last season's form for Zimmerman would be huge for the Nationals. The club currently ranks in the bottom half of the league in runs scored and OPS this year and will need to improve its offensive production to keep up with the red-hot Mets in the NL East.

Fortunately for the Nats, Zimmerman has been hitting well despite his lack of production, and his production should improve as his luck turns around this year.