​The National Women's Soccer League began on Saturday, and the Utah Royals booked singer Rachel Platten to sing the National Anthem prior to their home opener against the Chicago Red Stars. Platten is an excellent singer, but she ended up forgetting the words to the National Anthem and had to start over -- twice.

​​Platten ended up asking the fans for some help and was able to get the performance back on track before successfully finishing the job.

Fortunately for Platten, her fumble of the National Anthem occurred in front of just under 20,000 fans and while that is nothing to sneeze at, it's certainly better than some of the more ​notable National Anthem fails in recent history.

Most recently, ​Fergie had a rough performance at the NBA All-Star game and is one of many performers to have publicly struggled to finish the task at hand in normal fashion.

​​Everyone blanks on the words to songs sometimes, and for Platten, that happened to be during a performance of the one of our nation's most important songs. Woof. As unfortunate as that is for Platten, she seemed to deal with her struggles well and at least made fans laugh with her misfortune.