​In a perfect world, ​Hugh Freeze would be on board in Tuscaloosa right now. Well, maybe not the SEC's perfect world. 

For Nick Saban, the choice for a new co-offensive coordinator was easy. Someone with a track record like Hugh Freeze had at Ole Miss would be welcome at the Crimson Tide in the dawn of the new season. 

Unfortunately, Freeze's history off the field forced the SEC to step in.

SEC commissioner, Greg Sankey, urged Alabama to pursue a coach without such a stigma attached to his name. 

The former Ole Miss coach, who ​resigned in July for a scandal surrounding calls on a university phone to escorts, will be without a job for a little while longer. For the SEC, it makes sense they would allow the air to clear, especially before bringing him back in the conference considering Ole Miss is still being punished.

LSU and Missouri were also in the running to land Freeze, but could not get past the SEC which has league bylaws giving veto power to the commissioner. 

"We have seen especially in basketball that coaches who get their programs into NCAA hot water, if they are a good coach, they'll get another job fairly quick," Roger Abrams, a law professor at Northeastern said. "What the SEC is saying is 'Not in our conference."

Freeze could find himself in the SEC in the coming seasons, but don't expect him back too soon.